Club Update

September 9th is our next ATA Registered Marathon Shoot. Start your 2019 target season out and get as many targets in as you would like. We will have one trap set up with doubles all day again so come anytime and shoot any event you would like.

Fall League will begin September 6th. This league consists of 50 of each 16yard, 24yard, 18yard wobble, 50 skeet, and 100 doubles. (trap or skeet doubles). Throw our your worst 50 target event. There is a $10 Lewis entry fee.

September 13th is Ugly Gun Night. Bring out your vintage ugly gun, or your first gun you started shooting with on September. We will be shooting 50 16yard targets with our ugly guns. Everyone throw $5 in the hat and winner takes all.

ATA Big 50’s will also resume September 6th. Thursday Nights September and October.

We hope to see you this fall. The club is now open Thursdays only. To all the hunters out there good luck, be safe, and shoot straight.

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